The Cold


Horace, George and Maude are Billionaires, and they are playing a game. But we are not talking about a game of cards. There are other people playing the game too. What do these people have in common? Sex…? .. No not sex…but money…
One Million Dollars, if they play the “Game of Fear.” Who is Quasimodo? The butler or just an innocent bystander in the game?

Find out what’s going on in The Cold, which is all about the game or is it about the Cold?
A most confusing “who done it,” where all players are not playing the game with the same deck of cards. It’s a wild and zany plot that defies description.
It must be seen and experienced.
The Cold…it’s a comedy? …….NO
It’s a bizarre mystery? ………NO
It’s a mysterious horror story? …..NO
The Cold, Good night and pleasant dreams…

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