Demons of Ludlow


The little village of Ludlow is celebrating its 200th birthday. When the villagers are presented with an ancient piano, left to them by the great-grandson of Efram Ludlow, the founder of the village, only a handful know of the deadly curse that the gift brings with it.

It has been 200 years since Efram’s hands were cut off by the witch-hunting ancestors of the present day villagers. But his severed hands stretch across the centuries to wreak their final revenge. Each night as unseen hands begin to play, unearthly forces are released.

When investigative reporter Debra Hall, returns to the village and tries to delve into its history, she meets with a conspiracy of silence. Silence turns to terror when she discovers that the ghosts of the past are returning to make the villagers pay for the sins of their forefathers and she too, is a descendant of the perpetrators of the evil deed.

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