The Giant Spider Invasion


The Giant Spider Invasion, revolves around a titular spider invasion, a meteorite crashes down in rural Wisconsin, creating a black hole and spawns spiders of varying sizes which lay havoc upon the unsuspecting rural Wisconsin town.

The Giant Spider Invasion, One of the most enigmatic films in movie history, made for a budget of some $300,000, it went on to amass a gross of 24 million dollars and became one of the fifty top grossing films of that same year. Over a span of 33 years, The Giant Spider Invasion¬†also became a cult classic and one of the most pirated film treasures for reasons that can only be described by it’s many fans around the globe.

Lines like “I brought you some hot rocks” and “You wouldn’t know rice krispies from rabbit turds,” surely added to the camp and satrical treatment of the film which was directed by Bill Rebane without a shooting script. It still remains a cult classic and part of cinema history.




Staring: Alan Hale Jr., Barbare Hale, Leslie Parrish, Robert Easton, Steve Brodie.

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