A Gift from a Red Planet


A Gift From A Red Planet
A frightening doomsday drama about an alien organism with the potential to destroy all living things.

A space probe returns from Mars and government officials soon learn that it has brought back an organism that can conceivably destroy all forms of life on Earth.
To prevent panic, no official announcement is made. An agent is rapidly dispatched, with the strain, to a remote Mid-West installation. An overly curious railroad employee is accidentally infected, however, and all the horrible effects of the organism are suddenly revealed.
Scientists, meanwhile, in their feverish attempt to discover an antigen within the human immune system discover that the strain is effective only when its host organism is at rest. Sleep is the enemy!
The surviving members of the infected community are warned not to fall asleep. But as exhaustion sets in, they succumb both to sleep and to the rapid invasion of their bodies by the Red Planet’s lethal gift. When the government realizes that its attempts to contain this threat have failed, they make a decision even more frightening that the invasion itself!

Starring: Ralph Meeker, Stafford Morgan, John Goff, Carol Irene Newell.

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