Nightmare is set in what once was a prosperous Midwestern farming community. Now hit by hard times and massive farm foreclosures. Mr. Robinson, the Bank President and his family become the target of the towns hatred. Into this emotional hotbed comes Jill Robinson, beautiful daughter of the Banker, returning home for the summer college break, only to be faced with mayhem and murder.
Not only is her family missing, but her friends mysteriously disappear one by one. All evidence for the crimes perpetrated point to Mervo, son of a neighboring farmer, who also lost his home due the farm foreclosures. Mervo, once Mervo the circus clown (Tiny Tim) while always having been madly in love with Jill, is rejected and rebuffed by all, while his younger good looking brother Gary does everything to console Jill during her trying times and many close calls she is subjected to in this bizarre tale of mayhem, murder and a mad killer on the loose.

Don’t miss the surprise ending of this film.

The Director’s Cut of what once was called Blood Harvest, was edited by Bill Rebane in 3/4-inch video format immediately after completion of the picture, but the distributor cut of the original film was done by a British editor under the supervision of the original distributor of the film.
In addition to the Director’s Cut, this presentation includes Tiny Tim material in form of stills, interviews and performances never before published or seen. Additional materials from the private library of the pictures Director, Bill Rebane.

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